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Charge Day – The International Holiday Batteries Love

by on Dec.26, 2013, under Hardware, IT

If you’re not confused enough by the title, let me make it worse – I invented my own holiday and it comes every month (or so). I call it “Charge Day” and dedicate it to all electronic devices I have laying around, or more specifically to their batteries. It is a day to spend a little more electricity than usual, and charge all those things which you use every day, or used in the past but don’t really any more.

So why is this holiday important, and why should everyone get behind it? Well the answer is quite literally Life or Death (for your batteries :)). You see, when we get a new electronic device we tend to use it a lot. It’s new, exciting, interesting, and perhaps even useful :). However, as time passes we either get bored of it, upgrade to a newer model, or find it redundant as its functionality just got moved to the newest cell phone on the market. This is where things to downhill.

As we cast that “old” device aside, its battery starts to drain. But, we’re not using it – you might say! And you would be right, but all batteries have a self-discharge rate which varies between battery types, brands, etc. However, they all loose a bit of their power each day, and given enough time – drain completely. Now, it’s all fine and dandy if our battery hasn’t been used for a bit and went from its full charge down to about 80%. Cool, no problem, recharge and go. However, when we don’t use them for a longer period, they may go down to 0, and this is extremely bad. At this point, we’re coming to a state of a battery’s life known as deep discharge, and to keep it simple, batteries don’t like that, and this may and probably will damage them permanently. Keep in mind, this not a state when your cell phone turns off (0%) and you need to recharge, this is well beyond that. At 0% the battery still holds power but it’s just not enough to power your device. Its voltage drops below a certain level and you have to recharge it. However, a state of deep discharge practically means that the battery is completely dead and will probably either not get recharged at all, or won’t hold the charge for very long.
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