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BarTop Arcade Cabinet running MAME32 (convering analog joysticks to digital d-pads)

by on Jun.12, 2014, under Gaming, Hardware, IT

Well, I finally got around to documenting a project that was started a while back, and has been on hold ever since. I’m talking about my attempt at building myself a Bar-top Arcade Cabinet. The important parts of the project (mainly controls) are done, and the thing functions perfectly. What remains to be done is to build an enclosure and put everything inside so that the thing actually starts looking like an Arcade Machine. Right now, it looks like a transformer that has trouble shape-shifting 🙂

Before you read further on, I suggest you watch the YouTube video I made showing it off. Afterwards, feel free to move on and read how the controls were done, as this is the main custom part of the arcade itself.

Ok, so I take it you watched the video. And I also take it you didn’t listen to my advice of getting digital game-pads and not bothering with analog joysticks. Or maybe, just like me, you had analog joysticks laying around and just want to replicate the same thing I did. Whatever the case, read on.

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