How to play MP3s in the shower

by on May.26, 2013, under Hardware

If you’re anything like me then you love music! I just can’t go anywhere without something playing some nice tunes in my ears. Whether it’s my home or car stereo, PC, iPad, cell phone, whatever, music follows me everywhere. So obviously, when such a time came that I had to get a new shower cabin I figured, hey, that’s one place I still don’t have music playing.

So I looked around and found a cabin with a built in FM tuner. Of course, there were models which supported playing MP3s straight out of the box but I didn’t feel like throwing money at such a model so I got this one. I should note here that if you’re the type of person who already owns a shower cabin capable of playing MP3s this post may not be for you. But if you’re only able to tune into radio stations this little hint will help you play your custom song selection in the shower in no time.

You’re still wondering what I’m talking about? One word: Car Stereo FM Transmitter. Ok 4 words. Ok, ok, you got me, since FM stands for Frequency Modulation it’s 5 words. Happy now? Sheesh…

You’re probably already on board with what I’m saying here, but just in case you aren’t this is the very simple idea of treating your shower cabin as a car and just using an FM Transmitter to ‘broadcast’ songs from a USB flash drive or SD card to a certain radio frequency. You then tune in to that frequency from within the shower.

FM transmitters are very inexpensive these days and you can find one for just a couple of bucks off of Amazon. Just click here to see a list of possible FM transmitters you could use, or click here too see the particular model I got. It’s very easy to disassemble, and it’s also got a remote control that you can use to skip songs while showering.

All I did to it was get rid of the plastic casing, and solder leads to the positive and negative terminals that normally go to a lighter plug in your car. The device itself uses around 5V but as it already has a voltage regulator on it, it expects 12V input in order to run. The same input it would get in a car. You can either provide it 12V from the stereo controller on your shower cabin (which is what I did), or you can just plug in a power adapter with 12V output and connect it to the leads I mentioned earlier. Just be careful of polarity.

I also soldered an On/Off switch as I have no intention of disconnecting the device and this way you can power it on and off when you desire while the leads are permanently soldered on.

Finally, just put the remote control in a plastic bag, make sure it’s airtight and throw it in the shower. And that’s it! As easy as that now you can have your favorite tunes playing while you take a long relaxing shower. And believe me; since every song will be ‘your song’ it will undoubtedly be a long one 🙂

Here are some pictures of what this thing looks like at my place:

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