Global Game Jam 2014 – Wait For Me

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Another year, another Global Game Jam. In the spirit of last year, the same team gathered again. This year we even had reinforcements as another member joined in. We set out to create a split-screen-co-op-top-down-platformer, which we think turned out pretty good.

Enter “Wait For Meeee!!!!”:
Wait For Me Screenshot

As if it were a trend, we made quite a difficult game, same as last year’s “Heartless Zombie.”
In order to avoid retyping, here’s what I wrote about it on the official Game Jam site:

“Ok, in one ‘word’, our game is a split-screen-co-op-top-down-platformer. So you better grab a friend if you’re gonna play it, as playing it alone is no fun (and that’s just a nice way to say it’s impossible). Since we forgot (disclaimer: I didn’t forget, but the guy who was supposed to do it did) to show instructions in game, let me do it here. One of the players uses the arrow keys to move, and CTRL to jump, and the other the ‘asdw’ keys to move and SHIFT to jump. (note: we’re aware that players can hit each-others jump keys but we believe that adds to just another game mechanic – it’s a feature dammit) You should also know that both players have to step on a checkpoint in order to ‘activate’ it, and also that both players need to step to the end portal in order to go through. It’s all co-op, and don’t get discouraged, it is playable even if it’s slightly difficult at times. We hope you enjoy it, grab a friend and Wait For Hiiiiim!!!! :)”

You may find more information here, download the game here, and download the source files here.

We’re currently working on making a 3D version of the game in Unity, but more updates on that as well as a playable demo will follow in the future.

I hope you like it, and feel free to leave comments for things you don’t like, bugs, and possible improvements you may have in mind. They may be included in the 3D version.

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