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Ah, what haven’t I played… 🙂

This time I’m sort of hooked to a game called eRepublik. It’s a bit different than other games I’ve played of similar nature. How it differs is that it simulates a real country and some of the things that go on inside it, as well as its relations to other countries.

This gives it a sort of seriousness about it that I was missing from other games. This seriousness can be felt from the players within as well. Undoubtedly, those of you who haven’t played it or heard about it will ask why? Well, let me give you a brief overview.

You see, in eRepublik you start by creating a character which is a citizen of a certain country. And when I say citizen you better take it literally, as changing your citizenship requires sending an application and waiting for another country’s congress to approve it and… Well, you get the picture. As a starting citizen you can’t really do that much. You can get a job at a certain company, you can train in the military and that’s about it. You’ll end up spending a few minutes a day clicking the same two buttons for at least the first few days.

This is actually the most boring part of the game and the point at which the majority of new players quit. However, if you do manage to stay past those first few days, you’ll have the opportunity to see what eRepublik is really about.

  • You’ll get the chance to open up your own companies and have people working for you.
  • You’ll fight against rival countries for territorial expansion.
  • You can become a Media Mogul by writing newspapers for the whole “New World” to read and enjoy.
  • You can become a candidate for a congress seat and help bring in new country laws and regulations.
  • You can even become a president of your country of choice and have influence on thousands of people

Wait, I haven’t finished yet. What I didn’t mention is the scale of reality that’s implemented into this game, and how its players play it. There are organizations, both political as well as military. They gather the masses into organized groups and fight together or build a stronger community by gathering allies. I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to be in a chat channel with 500 other soldiers waiting to fire at the same time upon the president’s command. It just makes the whole gaming experience cooler and gives you a sense of accomplishment when your country shows up larger on the ever changing map of the New World.

A false sense of accomplishment in a virtual world to compensate for real life failure? Yeah, I’ve heard that one before. Every gamer has. And I’m not about to argue against it. I just feel that this game is slightly different as the way it’s organized gives room for something more realistic. I’ve seen whole communities gather together in real life to discuss both in-game and out of game events. Just a few days ago, I read a newspaper that stated that the president of a certain eRepublik gathered in a cafe with around 20 (congress members/soldiers/business tycoons) and had a blast. I thought this was wonderful as real friendships might come out of what is essentially only a game.

EDIT: For those of you out there that STILL don’t believe me HERE is an article that appeared in a recent eCroatian eRepublik newspaper depicting (in pictures) 31 eCroats having an awesome real-life BBQ party by a Croatian lake. There’s a catch though: You have to be a registered eRepublik citizen in order to see the article. The banner below will show you the way 🙂

Why am I giving this report on eRepublik? Well, as I already mentioned I’m hooked on it and end up spending half an hour daily messing with virtual country business. And these banners I placed in the article actually register a new user with me as a referral which helps me a lot! So, in case I do manage to get someone interested enough to join in on the fun, I would be more than happy to have you as my understudy and help you develop in the New World.

Game on!


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