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by on Aug.18, 2011, under Gaming

DotA 2 LogoWhile I was watching some of the games from the International DotA 2 Championship I decided to snoop around and discover who or what is behind DotA 2 in the first place. I found out that DotA 2 is being developed by Valve Corporation. Now this is very interesting to me because this is a company who has traditionally been one of the major rivals of Blizzard Entertainment, whose game Warcraft III TFT was the base for the widely adopted custom map DotA (one). This seems like an interesting shift in powers in the DotA universe.

What pleasantly surprised me is that, if my sources are correct, IceFrog – the developer of DotA (one) is the lead designer of DotA 2 as well. So you know the game development is going in the right direction. It remains to be seen whether DotA 2 will draw in all of the original DotA players.

The game is developing in the same direction as DotA’s copycat HoN which was not accepted by everyone due to the fact that it’s much more flashy and dynamic compared to the original DotA. Will the fact that IceFrog is behind it, and that it has all of the original hero and item names help to amass a player base? Only time will tell…

Oh yeah, and if you’re reading this between the 17th ( yesterday 🙂 ) and 21th of August be sure to check out the DotA 2 homepage for live streaming of the championship games. Otherwise, still visit the website for more information.

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