DIY Crossover Cable (with no tools)

by on Aug.08, 2011, under Hardware

What do you do when it’s the middle of the night, you desperately need a crossover cable, and you have no tools apart from a kitchen knife?

…You get creative of course 🙂

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DIY Crossover Cable








Just so this thing isn’t uninformative, in order to make a crossover cable, you take the regular straight cable, and just cross the green and orange pairs. So white-orange – white-green and orange – green. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, so if you’re interested, read more about it HERE.

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  • Taiuieo

    That is a shitty work with more than needed copper but should work to the need.
    Also, you only needed to cut and re-arrange 4 wires not all 8.

    • Ethan Hunt

      haha, well that was harsh 🙂

      I actually completely agree with you on this one. But given the “tools” I had at my disposal at the time it’s the best that could be done.

      Also, the cables were two already cut ends that I had lying around so that’s why all 8 wires are cut. Of course only two pairs are twisted, the other 4 wires are connected straight-through as you mentioned yourself.

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