BarTop Arcade Cabinet running MAME32 (convering analog joysticks to digital d-pads)

by on Jun.12, 2014, under Gaming, Hardware, IT

Well, I finally got around to documenting a project that was started a while back, and has been on hold ever since. I’m talking about my attempt at building myself a Bar-top Arcade Cabinet. The important parts of the project (mainly controls) are done, and the thing functions perfectly. What remains to be done is to build an enclosure and put everything inside so that the thing actually starts looking like an Arcade Machine. Right now, it looks like a transformer that has trouble shape-shifting 🙂

Before you read further on, I suggest you watch the YouTube video I made showing it off. Afterwards, feel free to move on and read how the controls were done, as this is the main custom part of the arcade itself.

Ok, so I take it you watched the video. And I also take it you didn’t listen to my advice of getting digital game-pads and not bothering with analog joysticks. Or maybe, just like me, you had analog joysticks laying around and just want to replicate the same thing I did. Whatever the case, read on.

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Global Game Jam 2014 – Wait For Me

by on Mar.06, 2014, under Code, Gaming, IT

Another year, another Global Game Jam. In the spirit of last year, the same team gathered again. This year we even had reinforcements as another member joined in. We set out to create a split-screen-co-op-top-down-platformer, which we think turned out pretty good.

Enter “Wait For Meeee!!!!”:
Wait For Me Screenshot

As if it were a trend, we made quite a difficult game, same as last year’s “Heartless Zombie.”
In order to avoid retyping, here’s what I wrote about it on the official Game Jam site:
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Global Game Jam 2013 – Heartless Zombie

by on Mar.08, 2013, under Code, Gaming, IT

You may have heard of an event called The Global Game Jam. Inspired by other game jams before it, it was founded in 2008 and it had been growing ever since. However, even though the event is running for several years now, for people in Macedonia – myself included, this year was a first. When I found out that the Global Game Jam finally came to my country I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take part in it. So I did.

As I went alone, I was fortunate enough to meet 3 other guys who didn’t mind having me in their team and we really kicked it off! We divided the work among us and while some started creating the music, others began drawing objects and characters. I ended up with game-play design and programming. It was my first experience with game development and I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Heartless Zombie Screenshot

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DotA 2

by on Aug.18, 2011, under Gaming

DotA 2 LogoWhile I was watching some of the games from the International DotA 2 Championship I decided to snoop around and discover who or what is behind DotA 2 in the first place. I found out that DotA 2 is being developed by Valve Corporation. Now this is very interesting to me because this is a company who has traditionally been one of the major rivals of Blizzard Entertainment, whose game Warcraft III TFT was the base for the widely adopted custom map DotA (one). This seems like an interesting shift in powers in the DotA universe.

What pleasantly surprised me is that, if my sources are correct, IceFrog – the developer of DotA (one) is the lead designer of DotA 2 as well. So you know the game development is going in the right direction. It remains to be seen whether DotA 2 will draw in all of the original DotA players.
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by on Mar.30, 2011, under Gaming

Ah, what haven’t I played… 🙂

This time I’m sort of hooked to a game called eRepublik. It’s a bit different than other games I’ve played of similar nature. How it differs is that it simulates a real country and some of the things that go on inside it, as well as its relations to other countries.

This gives it a sort of seriousness about it that I was missing from other games. This seriousness can be felt from the players within as well. Undoubtedly, those of you who haven’t played it or heard about it will ask why? Well, let me give you a brief overview.

You see, in eRepublik you start by creating a character which is a citizen of a certain country. And when I say citizen you better take it literally, as changing your citizenship requires sending an application and waiting for another country’s congress to approve it and… Well, you get the picture. As a starting citizen you can’t really do that much. You can get a job at a certain company, you can train in the military and that’s about it. You’ll end up spending a few minutes a day clicking the same two buttons for at least the first few days.
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