About Me

Geek, Hacker, Gamer. Sometimes I feel they invented those terms especially for me.Yours Truly

You see, I was practically born with a computer next to me. My father bought a ZX Spectrum around the time I was born and I started playing around with it at the age of 4. What was innocent gaming at the time slowly matured into real love towards anything with some sort of a processing microchip inside it. This includes PCs, game consoles, handhelds, heck, even toasters will do if they allow me to reprogram the way they work.

The geek inside me was growing, and this became more and more obvious since it was now almost impossible to enter my room without tripping on cables or transistors/capacitors laid out on the floor. Everything had to be connected to everything else. I believe only my toaster and microwave don’t talk to each other at the moment but… Give it time… Give it time.

After finishing primary school I didn’t hesitate to enroll into a high school for electrical engineers despite its BAD <– (understatement) reputation. My field of study was called “Automatics and Computer Science”. I have to say I do not regret that decision even one bit (pun intended). This is because apart from deepening my knowledge in programming, high school provided me with the opportunity to work with robotics and PLCs – something I could not have been able to do in other high schools in my town (with higher reputations).

I finished high school as the top student of my generation and found myself thinking: What now? It was obvious I’m going to study Computer Science but where? I went with the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) in Thessaloniki – Greece. I absolutely adored my time spent here! I went through so many interesting classes that deepened my knowledge in all things CS. From programming in Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET to digital photography in Photoshop, movie editing in Premiere Pro, Flash animations and web design. Moreover there is database organization and design in both Oracle SQL and MS Access, as well as a bunch of networking oriented classes which thought me the ins and outs of programming networking applications. I even went on to pass the Cisco CCNA v4.0 to broaden my understand of computer networks and the internet.

I graduated in June 2010 as the Valedictorian of my class with a final G.P.A. of 3.96. Along with my diploma I also received the “Stavros S. Niarchos” award for excellence in computing, which was a great finish to my college CS days.

Apart from my CS achievements and aspirations, I’m also a passionate gamer, and have been for as long as I can remember. And so many things have changed since I used to play “Top Gun” on my Spectrum. I went on to try Nintendo consoles, PlayStation 1,2, 3 and the PSP, XBox and the 360, and of course – PC games. For those wondering, I also played WoW (and still play occasionally although with lowered intensity). I have around 2 months of game time over there 🙂

In the future I see myself as a software engineer with aspirations in becoming a game programmer. In case you’re in the business and looking to hire please let me know 🙂